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Unlock free J260T/J260T1 Bit 2 U2 sin box

Unlock free J260T / J260T1 Bit 2 U2 without box

Unlock J260T / J260T1 Bit 2

Free release J260T / J260T1 Bit 2

Free Unlock J260T / J260T1 Bit 2 form without box and without using credits from T-mobile and MetroPCS companies.
If your cell phone is in binary 3 you must use this other functional tutorial .
Steps for Unlock J260T / J260T1 Bit 2
  • Eng-boot flash
  • Put the phone into download mode
  • Run Odin.exe.
  • Flash the J260T1-RESET-SEC.tar.
  • Reset the phone, then restart the system.
  • When you reach the setup screen, return to download mode.
  • In Odin.exe flash J260T1-RESTORE-ORIGINAL-IMEI.tar.
  • Wait for the phone to restart completely, go to recovery (Press and hold Vol +, Start and power on), then restart the phone.
  • Restart to download mode, flash J260T1-UNLOCK-KEEP-IMEI.tar.
  • done done.

Download j260t1 unlock files without credits



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