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APK FRP Bypass Downloads

APK FRP Bypass Downloads

Google Account Manager 

Bypass FRP using Google Account Manager APK
The Google Account manager APK is is used in many our FRP BypassMethods that we post at BypassFRPLock.com.
Make sure that you are choosing the correct Google Account Manager for your spefic unlock method!

Test DPC

Use a Test DPC to Bypass FRP
Test DPC’s are one of the most used APK’s that are used to bypass the FRP lock on ANY Android devicشe with Android version 5.1 (Lollipop) and higher.
If you are looking for a Test DPC that is not listed please let us know in the comments below and our amazing bypass specialists will add your Test DPCto our Downloads list.

Apex Launcher

If you need a Apex Launcher, you came to the right place!
Check below to find your specific Apex Launcher that is needed to Bypass FRP on your Android.
Apex launcher to Bypass FRP


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There are many other APK’s that can help assist a FRP Bypass, if you do not find the one that you need let us know in the comments below so our Bypass Specialists can add the reliable tools to our list.



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