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iPhone 5,5c,4S Sim not supported fix by simple tricks.

iPhone 5,5c,4S Sim not supported fix by simple tricks.

Apple makes a different update and fixes many issues by his update, This update is no dough for a better experience for the iDevice users. On the other hands that makes the user sometimes a problem for those who don't use factory locked phones.

iPhone 5,5c,4s series have the last update and stop on 10.3.3 on which Gevey users don`t have access to the network who update the phone to last IOS version 10.3.3 or those who change the sim or previous working chip damage.

You have to remember that the activation server only works on IOS 12.3.1 till date. The iccid that you can`t put on those ios because apple disables the emergency call input ICCID function too.
This site makes your work better for you can put the iphone5 into 12.3.1 can you believe that. Yes, absolutely right you can that is the fake update only for activation purpose but all remaining same.

You have to remember before doing that operation.

1- Disable find my iPhone first.
2-Install 3utool or any other jailbroken tool for iphone5.
3- battery must be 50% overcharged.

You have to jailbreak the phone first via 3utools, some trust profile appears you have to trust on it.

Click on HELIX app.

Click on Jailbreak, It downloads the important file with CYDIA app too and the phone restart then Cydia app on the app tray icon.

Click on it and download the required file for an upgrade or essential file. After all, the upgrade of the file is complete, open Cydia and search for Filza file manager to explore the internal setting of IOS.

Open the file explorer app.

Click on Mobile/Var/System/Library/Core Services/SystemVersion.Plist

Click on Dictionary then you got 4 option.

Product build version

product copyright

product name

product version

Product version with the latest IOS version like 10.3.3 to 12.3.1.

Product Build Version with the compatible one.

Then restart the phones the update bar seen then the phone IOS version changed
into the latest updated one ios by which you can activate your sim again.

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This videos tutorial help you to solve by the helpful ways.



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